ANCW20003 Egypt Under the Pharaohs instruction

ANCW20003 Egypt under the Pharaohs examines the unique features of Egyptian civilization and provides students with unique insights into power and authority in ancient Egypt. Through this course, students will be able to critically evaluate and analyze a range of inscriptions and written materials related to the Egyptian dynasty.

There are 4 assignments in the course ANCW20003.

Assignment 1 requires students to write two short Blog essays. The first Blog essay should be submitted by week 2, and students are free to choose the topic they want to post on and write a 200-word blog. It is important to note that you should simply respond to the thesis argument in this blog. The second Blog essay is mainly used to comment on another person's blog post. The essay is also required to be 200 words. The essay should be completed within one week after the post of the commented article. Assignment 1 is weighting 10%. Please consult GPA Expert for more information.

Assignment 2 is an artifact analysis. The word requirement of it is 600 words. It asks students to write a 600-word essay on one of the artifacts discussed in week1-4, explaining their understanding of the role of the chosen artifact. The literature review should provide 2-5 sources, and only the relevant books in the museum can be accepted. Assignment 2 is weighting 15% and students are expected to complete it before the end of week 5. Want to learn more? Please consult GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 3 requires students to complete an essay. The topic of an Essay can either be developed according to the discussion points listed in the topic guide, or it can be a self-designed topic approved by the instructor. Use critical thinking and academic analysis in your Essay. Assignment 3 is 50% and the last submission date is before the end of week 8.

Assignment 4 is a take-home exam. The test, which is 25%, takes the form of a 1,000-word essay written after class. The topic of this essay is determined according to the 12 questions provided in the class. For other format requirements and reference requirements, please refer to GPA Expert for details.

ANCW20003 has a minimum hurdle attendance requirement for tutorial courses. If you have less than 75% attendance in the tutorial courses or do not submit the written work in time, you may not pass the subject. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose GPA Expert. We provide tutorial online course signing services. We also provide original works for written work. We can also provide article modification and polishing services.





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