AHIS20018 Art, Market and Methods introductions – exercise, exam, research essay, sample

AHIS20018 Art, Market and Methods focuses on the creation and reception of works of art. It analyzes the relationship between contemporary artists, their materials and the market. AHIS20018 Course themes in the changing status of the artist, the determination of authenticity and value, and the role of materials and markets in the construction of meaning.

Through this course, students could understand the constant changes of artists and artworks in society; Understand the creation and existing problems of works of art from the Renaissance to the present; Be familiar with ethical and theoretical issues arising from art appraisal and valuation; Improve personal language skills, as well as art related essay writing skills; Develop research skills on relevant issues, etc. AHIS20018 has 3 assignments.

Assignment 1 an Exercise on the Works. It requires 700 words. Students are given a list of six works of art from the university collection and choose one of these to provide concise "background information" (such as work biography, history, and so on). Finally, students should critically analyze the selected work to understand the technology and materials, value and significance of the work. Assignment 1 is weighting 15%. The due day is at the end of week 6.

Assignment 2 requires students to write a research essay. The essay is required to be within 1500 words, which is weighting 45% of the total marks. The research topic of this paper can be selected from a number of essay topics provided in the class. It should be noted that the assignment should provide an appendix to the references at the end of the paper. Students should also mention the usefulness of the resources used in the research paper and so on in the appendix. There should be at least 15 references, of which 8 key texts should be annotated. Assignment 2 is due by the end of week 10. For more details, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 3 is a take-home exam in which students are asked to answer one of the questions given in class. The word limit of the final exam is about 1,500 words. The purpose of this assignment is to engage students actively in discussions of key historical and theoretical issues raised by the course. The exam for Assignment 3 is 40% and the due day is in week 12. For more information, please contact GPA Expert.

As a foundation course for art majors, AHIS20018 requires serious study. The course requires at least 80% participation in tutorials, seminars and workshops. Whether it's a class engagement problem or an essay writing service, GPA Expert can help you solve it easily.





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