FINS1612 Capital Markets and Institutions introductions - case study, presentation, final exam, analysis report

FINS1612 Capital Markets and Institutions is an introduction to Australian financial markets and their assessment. The financial markets include stock market, money market, bond market, futures market, exchange rate market and so on. It systematically reviews these major financial markets and applies different types of financial instruments.

There are 4 assignment tasks for FINS1612 evaluation:

Assignment 1 is an individual assessment 1. The purpose of this assignment is to help students build an understanding and application of financial ethics and to guide students to explore potential careers in finance of future interest. The task is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the online professional ethics module and Part 2 is the practical analysis of financial careers. Each of these two tasks is worth 10% of the total score. For more information, please contact GPA Expert customer center.

Assignment 2 is an individual assessment 2. There are two parts to this task. Part 1 is the course contribution assessment and Part 2 is the iLab activity. Each of them is worth 10% of the total score. To complete Part 1, students should take two specific lectures and tutorials, and complete an online quiz in class. Part 2 requires students to take two iLab classes. In both courses, students use real-time financial data to analyze important issues in the current financial markets. The first iLab meeting was actually held in Week 3 online and the second iLab meeting was held in week 5. Want to know more about it? Please contact GPA Expert customer center.

Assignment 3 is a Group Assignment. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the individual assignment part. Students are required to complete the individual assignment. The content of the lecture mainly includes their work assignment, research and discovery progress. This task is only weighting 5% and needs to be submitted by the end of week 7. Part 2 requires to form a group of 3-4 students. Each group should analyze stocks of interest and learn to use the FACTSET platform and other databases. This task should be submitted in the form of a written analysis report, and its final submission date is by the end of week 10.

Assignment 4 is the final exam. The examination covers all theoretical knowledge of the course and the application of relevant analytical tools. Finally, the exam is open during the exam week. For the final exam, we have professional staff to help you complete it in real-time, please contact GPA Expert.

FINS1612 mainly introduces Australia's mainstream financial system and different types of financial analysis tools. GPA Expert is a company focusing on course tutoring and agent service. With a 15-year professional service team, GPA Expert can easily solve any assignment problem and ensure the originality and privacy of the work. Welcome to consult GPA Expert!





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