SCI2118 Australian Biota introduction - case study, quiz, portfolio, literature review

SCI2118 Australian Biota is a program in Environmental Management at Edith Cowan University(ECU) in Australia. This course also focuses on the multidisciplinary nature of environmental management as the conservation of biodiversity. Students develop basic knowledge and skills in biology and physics used in all aspects of the environment and its management. Students will also develop the ability to analyze the complex interactions between humans and the natural world and use the tools of modern biology to devise solutions to important conservation problems.

The course SCI2118 consists of 3 assignments. Assignment 1 is a literature review, Assignment 2 is online quizzes, and Assignment 3 is an online herbology portfolio.

Assignment 1 is a literature review. In the literature review, the student will study the adaptation of a group of Australian animals to desert life. The types of animals to choose from are birds, reptiles, freshwater fish, and so on. It should be noted that students will complete this literature review from research journals and books. Journals for reference include the Australian Journal of Zoology, the Australian Journal of Wildlife Research, the Australian Zoologist and Australian Journal of Mammalogy, and the International Journal of Zoology. The number of words in the literature review should be no more than 1,500 words, and there are specific requirements for the format. This task is worth 20% of the total value. The above is the general content of Assignment1. For more details, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 2 is divided into three online quiz tasks. The open period of Quiz 1 is 1 hour. The quiz content is 5 multiple-choice questions and you will only have one chance to try. Quiz 2 will need to be completed online using the Field Guide to Australian Mammals, 3rd Edition 2010 as a reference. Quiz 3 requires two related materials, namely "bird diagrams" and "ECU dry bird key 2021". Each of the three online quiz tasks has only one chance to complete. Each online quiz is worth 20% of the total value and Assignment 2 is worth 60% of the total value, so it is very important. Want more details? Contact GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 3 is a Collection of Herbarium portfolio online. It requires students to complete related tasks based on given examples. The final work to be submitted shall be submitted in the format given in the case.

As a foundation course for the Bachelor of Environmental Management, SCI2118 is of moderate difficulty. You can learn the scoring points of the literature review in GPA Expert. The online quiz will provide a real-time online answering service, and there will also be a writing service for the Collection of Herbarium works online.





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