Introduction to the types of Group-work Assessment

Whether studying in the UK or Australia, Group-work is inevitable. Group-work can test students' team organization ability, team coordination ability, team leadership and team execution ability. Therefore, it is the preferred method of evaluation for most universities and colleges. So, what are the types of Group-work Assessment?

Before introducing the type of Group-work, let's first have a look at the type of classes in British and Australian universities. Generally speaking, the types of classes are mainly divided into lectures, seminars and tutorials. Lectures are the most important way for tutors to impart curriculum theory knowledge. There will be a small number of temporary group discussion tasks during lectures, but they tend to be very short. The seminar is also a very important class. Because the purpose of the seminar is to stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of students to participate in the class topic discussion, so as to consolidate the theoretical knowledge learned in the Lecture. Tutorials are usually given by the assistant professors, and the proportion of Group-work in class is between Lectures and Seminars.

Type 1 An temporary class discussion. This type of Group-work often occurs in lectures and Tutorial classes. No matter which course the students choose, the tutor may have a sudden inspiration in the class. He/she could define a topic, and divide students into groups to discuss. For face-to-face classes, students can combine together nearby. However, online classes have no limit to form a group, they can choose teammates freely. It should be noted that in group discussion, we should not only listen to others' opinions and opinions patiently, but also learn to organize language and express our own opinions. Only in this way can we leave a deep impression on the lecturer. The purpose of such temporary classroom discussion Group-work is to help students grasp the teaching content better and understand the important and difficult points of the teaching. it rarely affects the final score.

Type 2 Fixed group discussion task. This type of Group-work is often done during or after Seminar classes. The lecturer will give the group a topic to discuss, and each group member will discuss the topic. Typically, such Group-work accounts for 20%-40% of the course's total grade. It is an evaluation task that cannot be ignored. It is submitted in the format of a discussion summary or essay, and it may be to record relevant speech videos. In the vast majority of cases, everyone will participate in the study and split their time equally, and the group can decide which presentation aids tools to use, such as PowerPoint.

Type 3 Case study report. Some Group-work tasks aim to ask all team members to work together on a case study. The number of words required for this report will vary according to the stage students are at. Generally speaking, in the same course, undergraduate students may be required to write a report within 3,000 words, but graduate students or professional masters may be required to write a report of over 4,500 words. Working together with others to form a report is a challenge to the team's corporation, and the team leader is responsible for coordinating the various parts of the writing.

Type 4 is a panel discussion. A Focus Group is a method of gathering information that is related to brainstorming. Each group has a large number of people, so it needs a moderator to master the direction of the group discussion and guide and stimulate the innovative ideas of the members.

Above are brief introductions to the types of Group-work Assessments. In the last, I would like to remind you to choose a Group suitable for you to do group-work, and take the initiative to take the part you are good at when assigning tasks in the group.

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