FINS3666 Trading and Market Making - simulation, test, task, analysis

FINS3666 Trading and Market Making introduces the basic theory and practice of stock trading. He introduces the structure of the stock exchange market, types of trading and trading strategies. Through students' participation in class exercises and trading simulations, students will take the initiative to analyze and explore the factors affecting the stock exchange market.

There are three assignments for FINS3666:

Assignment 1 is an exam and trading simulation. It is divided into three parts. Part 1 is a 20-minute classroom quiz, and this task counts for 5% of the total grade. Part 2 is a midterm exam. The task is 60 minutes long. It takes place on week7 and accounts for 25 percent of the total grade. Part 3 is a mock trade. This task is required from weeks 7 through 9 and is submitted at the end of Week 9. It accounts for 20% of the score in this assessment. Would you like to know more about Assignment 1? Contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is a group task. It requires students to conduct research on a given topic and submit the results of their research in the form of a video presentation. This task is worth 30 percent of your total score and is due on week10. In view of the tight time, it is suggested that the partners submit as soon as possible, and the group that fails to finish the video should hurry to record the video. The video is supposed to last 15 minutes, and everyone has to contribute equally in the group. Please contact GPA Expert for assistance.

Assignment 3 is a lecture. This task accounted for 20% of the total rating. It can be divided into two parts: course participation rating and learning log. The course participation rating is based on students' speeches and discussions in class. A learning journal is a personal reflection written by reading relevant financial journals, newspapers, blogs, etc. Want to learn more? Please contact GPA Expert.

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