MGMT3724 Strategic Human Resource Management introduction - writing, case, test, report

MGMT3724 Strategic Human Resource Management is the combination of strategic management and human resource management. Students will learn about the principles and practices of strategic human resource management during the course of this course. This course will look at organizational performance improvement, stakeholder concerns, and the relationship between strategic management and human resource management.

There are 4 assignments for MGMT3724:

Assignment 1 is a weekly test. There are six quizzes available, week 2 to week 5 and week7 to week8. The task is open Tuesday through Friday of each test week, and the exam is 15 minutes long. Assignment 1 is worth 25% of the total value. Would you like to know more about the requirements of Assignment 1? Please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 Recommendation Report 1. This task accounts for 20% of the total score and is divided into two parts: Part 1 video recording (17%); Part 2 Peer feedback (3%). Part 1 Video recording is to record a video according to the recommendation report, which should be submitted before week 5. Part 2 Peer Feedback asks students to evaluate each other on videos submitted in Part 1. This task should be submitted before week 7. Want to get more information about Assignment 2? Please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 3 Recommendation Report 2. This task is worth 35% of the total grade, so it's important. Assignment 3 requires students to complete and submit a 2,000-word report. The assignment is due by Monday of week 10. If you have no time to submit your report, ask for an extension. If you're pressed for time and worried you won't get the grade you want on a report you wrote in a hurry, contact your GPA Expert. GPA Expert has a quality service team to help you complete the ghostwriting task and ensure the originality of your essay/report.

Assignment 4 is a take-home exam. This is a final exam. It accounts for 20% of the total value. The exam will take place during the final exam week. It is recommended to review the relevant theoretical knowledge in advance. If you are really worried about failing the exam, it is strongly recommended to contact GPA Expert customer service. GPA Expert can provide the pass-insured service and the high-grade service for the final exam.

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