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FINS3641 Security Analysis and Valuation is a finance course at the University of New South Wales. It introduces students to the techniques and models used in stock analysis and evaluation. And it guides students to apply these techniques or models in practice. When analyzing stocks, the main methods are quantitative analysis and fundamental analysis. Finally, it is necessary to compile the results of the analysis into a trading recommendation report.

There are 4 assignments for FINS3641.

Assignment 1 is the Assessment of Classroom Participation (CP). It is divided into three steps. Step1 requires students to introduce themselves in class 1 of the week. This task can also be replaced by a half-minute video. Step2 requires students to attend the CP meeting on week 2 and discuss homework and feedback in the meeting. Step3 requires students to complete a feedback task. Assignment 1, although completed in three steps, accounts for only 10% of the total value.

Assignment 2 requires students to complete an oral presentation task. Students should first explore specific questions, summarize the results of the inquiry, and make a 3-minute video to introduce their research results. This task should be shared with other students at the end and given feedback. Assignment 2 accounts for 10% and it is recommended to use PPT in the video. A video presentation is a common evaluation method, which requires students to express their research results or opinions within a limited time. It can well reflect the rigor of students' thinking logic. Want more information? Please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 3 is a group task. The task, which is worth 20 percent of the grade, requires students to work in small groups of three to six. Each group used a discounted dividend valuation model to complete a stock valuation task. Finally, the team puts the results of the research and analysis into an 11-page trading recommendation report. Based on years of industry experience, GPA Expert recommends that the report be between 2,500 and 3,000 words long.

Assignment 4 is the final assessment. This task is weighting 55 %, and it takes place during the final exam week, so it's a very important task. This assessment covers all the theoretical knowledge of the whole semester. As the semester is drawing to a close, it is recommended to start reviewing early. If you are really worried about failing the exam, it is strongly recommended to contact GPA Expert customer service. GPA Expert can provide the pass-insured service and the high-grade service for the final exam.

FINS3641 mainly introduces the analysis and valuation of stocks and security. As a website corporation focusing on course guidance and agent service, GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work. Welcome to consult!





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