FINS3655 Behavioural Finance introduction - report, test, lecture, multidisciplinary perspective

FINS3655 Behavioural Finance mainly researches people's behavior in financial decision-making. It is a multidisciplinary course that requires a comprehensive knowledge of psychology, neuroscience and financial economics. By studying and analyzing the mistakes people make in financial decisions, students can provide corrective measures or suggestions based on their theoretical knowledge.

There are four assignments for the FINS3655 evaluation:

Assignment 1 is the course contribution task. The task is to measure students' attendance and participation in the course. The task is divided into two parts, each of which is worth 10% of the total. Part 1 is to participate in the behavior experiment, and the completion time is 10 minutes. Part 2 is a survey of participation in class discussions. For more details on Assignment 1? Please consult GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is the group presentation task. The task is worth 20% of the total value, and it is a group task. It should be noted that students have grouped alphabetically (4-5 students a group) if they have not applied in advance. The assignment was finally presented in the form of a 10-minute oral presentation, with the entry point being the "Pick-Your-Brain" section. Regarding the submission of the oral report, you can ask GPA Expert for help. GPA Expert can provide high-quality and efficient services.

Assignment 3 is Test 1. The task was evaluated in a lecture, and it was worth 20% of the total grade. There are 20 questions in Test 1, and the time limit is 45 minutes after you start answering them. The main content of the test is the theoretical knowledge learned in week 1 and week 2. In regard to Assignment 3, GPA Expert will provide you with a full range of services, such as course tutoring, online exam guidance, and a review of previous assignments.

Assignment 4 Test 2 is the final assessment. The task is a systematic test of theoretical knowledge, its ultimate goal is to examine the students' grasp of theoretical knowledge. It counts for 40% of the total value and is taken in the final exam week. The test takes an hour and 30 minutes, and he gives students 50 questions to answer. If you are really worried about failing the exam, it is strongly recommended to contact GPA Expert customer service. GPA Expert can provide the pass-insured service and the high-grade service for the final exam.

FINS3655 is a multidisciplinary interdisciplinary course, and it is recommended to analyze problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. As a website corporation focusing on course guidance and agent service, GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work. Welcome to consult!





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