ACR103 3D Asset Creation lecture1 - writing, case analysis, report, video presentation

ACR103 3D Asset Creation lecture1 gives a general introduction to 3D Space and 3D Pipelines. Let's recap the details:

Although 3d design is a relatively new medium, it has become a holistic process across disciplines. In lm and the game industry, it can take the form of 3d characters and environments. 3D prototyping and visualization are also common in science, engineering and architecture. It is used in other industries and even informal practices. In game development, 3D design creates a need for professionals such as 3D modelers, texture artists, animators, environmental artists and many other related jobs. However, regardless of the process involved, all of this requires an understanding and proficiency in using 3d Spaces and 3d elements. This module will introduce and develop your capabilities in using this medium.

After learning the learning resources in this module, please complete the following activities:

Synchronized Class Activity 1: Working in a 3D space

Design Challenge 1:3D Playground Challenge

Week 1 Assess progress blog activity - Design ideas and pattern boards

This module will help you achieve the following goals:

Select and utilize visual investigation methods for 3D modeling and animation and visual effects.

Identify and use art and design principles to solve creative problems.

This unit will cover:

1. Work in 3D space

2.3D Process basics - Lighting basics, shadow basics, hardware/Viewport rendering basics

3. The basic 3D design process of the game

Time Management: GPA Expert

Unit 1 students are expected to work 10 hours

Personal learning: Assessing progress, reading and viewing resources, autonomous and collaborative online learning activities

ACR103 focuses on 3d design, which requires you to master a lot of basic operations. It is recommended that you use GPA Expert to help you complete the evaluation task later. If you want to take this course in the future, it is recommended to contact GPA Expert directly, we provide a full set of equipment, and a professional team with 15 years of service experience to serve you wholeheartedly!





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