BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Module 1 - writing, case analysis, report, video presentation

BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Module 1 mainly introduces the main types of course BIZ104, especially the main tasks of assignment 1.

In assignment 1, its specific requirements are:

Think about the customer experience of your most recent purchase online or in a store. This customer experience must be the only experience and can be a positive (good) or negative (bad) example. Reflect on your customer experience and as part of that reflection you must discuss and apply the concepts/theories of Modules 1 and 2 (e.g., IDIC model, Dirft, Moment of Truth, touchpoints, etc.) and the experience you have chosen.

Disciplinary learning outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the following tasks include :a) comparing and contrasting emerging concepts and practices underpinning customer experience and b) applying perceived impact to customer experience of service delivery

Outline and content of your Reflection report:

a. Cover - Subject name, assessment name, student name, ID card

b. Give a brief description of your experience

c. Use a prototype profile to illustrate how you relate to the customer experience. To do this, use the role diagram template provided in Module 2.1.

d. Discuss the two most important points of contact (interactions) between you and the organization during this experience.

e. Look at the IDIC model of managing customer experience and reflect on customizing (C) their behavior toward you.

f. Based on the Dirft model, think about what the business could have done differently to make the negative experience better, or what are the key highlights from your positive experience that the business should continue to work with its customers on.

Conclusion g

h. References - at least 4.

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