COM203 Consulting and Freelancing case study-COM203 test, COM203 assessment, COM203 case analysis

COM203 Consulting and Freelancing, about consulting and freelancing, COM203's Assignment 1 is a concept test. This assessment is designed to test students' understanding and application of concepts introduced in the first three lessons. All questions will be based on readings, lectures and seminars. The entire test is limited to a maximum of 1200 words, and more information on exam deadlines and exam formats will be announced closer to the test date. This test accounts for 25% of the total, and the tutor will notify you in detail on the due date.  The above is the general content of Assignment 1. For specific content, please refer to GAP Expert.

Assignment 2 of COM203 is a short business proposal. Let's say you're starting a freelance or consulting business and applying for start-up funding through a private investment firm. They ask you to provide a short business plan for the first 12 months as part of the application process. You'll be given some sample templates here for your reference, but you'll need to make a plan based on the headings above. This evaluation accounts for 35%, and the due date will be given according to the schedule.

Assignment 3 is an individual assignment. In this assignment, you are tasked with planning and presenting a proposal to a real-life client in the form of a written proposal. A detailed client brief and information on how to submit your proposal will be provided over the three months. The word count is 1500 words, and the school will give you some samples for review. More information on completing this task and submitting a report will be available at the workshop and My Units. This assignment accounts for 30%, and the due date will be given in the schedule. The final COM203 assignment4 is the participation rate of a personal attendance rate, which accounts for 10% in total. The due date is during the exam week. If any point is unclear, GAP Expert can choose a professional teacher to explain COM203.

The average guidance score of the COM203 course is 86 points. The business plan homework can be learned in GAP Expert to learn the key points of scoring. There are also precautions and explanations for the concept test and other exams. It is recommended that students who have no foundation can consult in detail



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