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The full name of GPA is Grade Point Average, and there are many other names. It can also be called the average grade point. GPA is a system for evaluating student performance and is adopted by most universities and higher education institutions.

The calculation method of GPA is different in each country, and even the calculation methods of different schools in the unified country are also different. At present, the popular countries such as Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc., today I will briefly introduce the GPA algorithm in Australia, and if the GPA is not enough, how to make up for it?

Most schools in Australia are divided into 6 levels, HD corresponds to a score of 85%+, GPA7.0 (excellent grades), D corresponds to a score of 75-84%, GPA6.0 (advantageous for applying for a master’s degree), The score corresponding to C is 65%-74%, GPA5.0 (just meets the basic requirements for applying for research), the score corresponding to P is 50%-64% (the minimum standard for obtaining a degree certificate), GPA4.0, corresponding to F1 The score is 45%-49%, GPA1.0, the corresponding score of F2 is below 44%, GPA0.

Arithmetic mean of 100-point scale - add the scores of all subjects and divide by the number of subjects

Percentage Weighted Average - The score of each course is multiplied by the corresponding credits of the subject, added, and then divided by the average of the total credits.

Grade point average, the sum of the credits of each course multiplied by the corresponding grade point, and then divided by the total credits (the sum of the credits and grades divided by the total credits)

Here are the remedies for a low GPA based on our years of experience.

For re-examination of low-scoring subjects, many schools allow re-examination, or re-taking of low-scoring courses, if the GPA is relatively low, you can choose the low-scoring courses to apply for re-examination.

Planning study is very important for freshmen. Reasonably arrange courses and time planning during college, and focus on professional courses as much as possible.

Focus on courses graded by teacher supervisors. The grading of many courses accounts for a large proportion of the teacher's supervisor's grading, which requires the students to work harder, attend the courses on time, and complete the teacher's tasks on time. Sometimes the impression score is also very important

Take elective courses. Elective courses should be the best way to improve your GPA. You can consult more about elective courses that suit you or try to choose courses that you are good at and have high teacher ratings.

Focusing on high-scoring courses for professional courses will highlight the advantages of professional courses when applying for graduate students in the future.

All in all, a low GPA can be made up for, but maintaining your GPA score is important and can save you a lot of trouble.


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