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Humanities 1VV3 Words to Change the World, about words changing the world, Humanities 1VV3's Assignment 1 is a free writing divided into three times. In this assessment, you will talk to each other, you will share your sentences, your thoughts, and your feelings, and in doing so, learn about ourselves and each other. You will change the way we write by challenging your assumptions about writing. You will change the way we think by discovering how writing and thinking fit together. In the end, your mentors have two simple goals: to release your verbal energies, which are already in you because you are human, and to help you shape those energies, to use them to write an essay we are pretty sure you will have in the next four years Something to write, an essay in the humanities. Either way, your words will not only change the world but become the world. Each writing is about 10 pages, and this test accounts for 25% of the total. The due date is 11:59 pm on Friday, September 30th/October 28th/November 25th. The above is the general content of Assignment 1. For specific content, please consult the GPA Expert customer service centre

 Assignment 2 of Humanities 1VV3 is an OED vocabulary assignment. In this assessment, you will use an essay from our Broadview selection. It is even better if the essay you choose is one of the essays you will write in your final paper. When you cite dictionaries and your essays, be sure to follow the MLA citation rules. Include both the Oxford English Dictionary and your essay in your quoted work. The maximum number of words is 2 pages, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. Plus a separate work citations page. The evaluation accounted for 10%, Due date, October 21, Fri11:59PM.

        Assignment 3 is an individual's argument statement. Two pages in length, on page 1 of this assignment, write a draft topic statement for your upcoming essay using the guidelines provided in your AL class. Use the MLA (Modern Language Association) online bibliography (login through Mills Library) on page 2 to find a work that is relevant to your final paper. This homework accounted for 10%, and the due date was November 11.

The final assignment 4 is a final essay, accounting for 25% of the total is more important, the due date is on December 7th, and the remaining 30% is the weekly quiz and the coverage of attendance in class. If you don’t understand anything, you can refer to the GPA Teachers of self-selected majors explain Humanities 1VV3.

The average guidance score of Humanities 1VV3 is 86 points. The business plan homework can learn the key points of scoring in GPA EXPERT. There are also precautions and explanations for the concept test and other exams. It is recommended that students who have no foundation can consult in detail.


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