What should I do if I receive a rejection letter when I apply for studying abroad? -Ghostwriting, documents, polishing, thesis

Every time it comes to the Australian university application season when the offer is issued, the students who receive the offer are very happy, but some students have worked hard to prepare for a long time, and those who wait for it are indeed rejected. However, if you, unfortunately, get a rejection letter, don't despair, there is still a chance to regain your ideal school offer through argument. Please contact GPA customer service if necessary.

Argue means to argue, or argue. Arguing with the admissions committee is a way to fight for reasonable admissions for yourself, provided that there are evidence, reasons, and sufficient application materials and background. If you want to argue, you must first understand why you were rejected.

One is to consider whether the background of the selected institution does not meet the requirements and whether the professional background is biased. If it is due to ranking or major reasons, it may be difficult to argue.

The second is to see if the average score does not meet the requirements for a professional application. In the application of Australian universities, academic performance is a mandatory condition. During the process of reviewing the application, the admission criteria must be strictly followed. However, if your comprehensive score is slightly lower than the requirements, but your professional course performance is outstanding, you can use this as a starting point. In the argument, you must weaken some sub-scores, highlight your outstanding professional performance, and tell the school about your future development space. And the ability, to send an email to the school to explain the situation, and supplement materials and explanations, it is still possible to succeed.

The third is to receive the waiting list. This situation is an opportunity for students. As long as you receive the information about the waiting list, you must write an argument quickly and do everything possible to show the school your extreme enthusiasm and expectation for the school and the major, and focus on supplementing materials and proving your strength, such as leadership Power, research ability, internship or achievements in the professional field, etc., the words should be sincere and enthusiastic.

Fourth, because of fierce competition, or did not give a clear reason for rejection. This needs to be judged by yourself, what is the reason why it is not as good as others, ask the reason, and according to the reason, it is targeted to dispel the concerns of the admissions officer and strive for the chance of being admitted.

Finally, I hope that all the students can get offers from their favourite schools. If you want to know more, go to GPA Expert.

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