MRKT2003 GLOBAL MARKETING Course Content Analysis-Ghostwriting, Tests, Assignments, Papers


MRKT2003 has a total of 3 assignments

Assessment Task1—Quiz, accounting for 25%

MRKT2003 is to complete a 30-minute online open-book test to assess the understanding of the key concepts and ideas involved in the first two modules, including how marketing goes beyond the 4Ps model, the definition of global marketing, the driving and inhibiting forces affecting global marketing, and a second module on the political and legal aspects of international marketing. The test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions worth 1 point each and two short answer questions worth 2.5 points each. The total score for the quiz is 25 points. There is only one chance to test, and you cannot go back to the previous page. GPA Expert for more details.

Assessment Task 2: International Opportunity Analysis, accounting for 35%

Assignment 2 of MRKT2003 is to develop an international product launch plan. The plan should be prepared in the form of a report as if it were to be presented to a company’s senior manager of your choice for approval to proceed with the launch.

This project consists of assignments 2 and 3, assignment 2 involves conducting an international opportunity analysis and requires the use of concepts from modules 1-4. Contact GPA for assistance.

Assignment 2 needs to write 1000 words, choose an existing product/brand; choose a country to evaluate the product/brand you choose that is not yet sold in the country; use PESTEL to conduct a comprehensive market analysis of the country and brand you choose. Identify the key issues, strengths, opportunities and challenges facing the company when launching your chosen product in the country you are evaluating.

Assessment Task 3: International Marketing Plan, accounting for 40%

Assignment 3 of MRKT2003 is based on assignment 2, using the concepts of modules 1-6 to develop an international marketing plan, assignment 3 needs to write 1500 words, and the main content includes: developing a comprehensive marketing mix for the selected product to enter the selected country - and detail which elements need to be adjusted compared to the domestic market; discuss the future impact of the “new international reality” on the long-term success of your proposed international expansion. For more articles, click GPA EXPERT.


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