MRKT2005 Service Marketing Course Content Analysis-Ghostwriting, Tests, Assignments, Papers

There are 3 assignments in MRKT2005.

Assessment 1: Online quiz, accounting for 20%

Assignment 1 of MRKT2005 is to complete a 1-hour online test to assess the understanding of key concepts and ideas covered in the first two modules, including what is service marketing, how it relates to consumer product marketing and the second module on customer expectations and service perception How is it different. The quiz will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions and will be an open-book test, but there will be only one attempt. After completing a question, you cannot return to the previous question. GPA Expert for more details.


Assessment 2: Case study – Evaluation of a service provider, accounting for 45%

Assignment 2 of MRKT2005 is to write a 1000-word discussion paper. Apply the Gap Model of Service Quality (from Module 3) and at least one other service marketing theory from Module 2 or Module 3 (Service Quality Dimensions, Areas of Tolerance, Service Restoration, Management Capabilities and Demand) to analyze the services of the selected service provider quality.

The service provider chosen must be an occasion where you can visit several times during the first 3 weeks of term and can conclude the quality of their services. It can be any type of service provider in one of the four service categories listed in Lovelock's Classification of Services (Module 1). For example, public transport operators, fitness centres, local cafés, education providers, banks, telecommunications companies, hair stylists, local bars or movie complexes.

The same service provider will be used in Assignment 3 to evaluate their servicescape design, so choose wisely! Contact GPA for assistance.


Assessment 3: PowerPoint presentation – Evaluation of Servicescape Design, accounting for 35%

 Assignment 3 of MRKT2005 is to create an 8-minute narrative PowerPoint presentation in which the servicescape design of the service provider concerned in Assignment 2 is evaluated.

Before evaluating the design of the servicescape, familiarity with the content in module 6 is required, especially Bitner's (1992) Servicescapes framework, which should provide the basis for the analysis done.

Assignments will be presented as 8-minute ppt presentations (including audio recordings). If you need to answer the requirements, click GPA EXPERT for more articles.


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