HSN211 Nutritional Physiology Course Introduction and Analysis-Nutrition, Deakin, Exam, Final

The course name of HSN211 is Nutritional Physiology, which is about nutritional physiology. Assessment1 about HSN211 is a personal writing assignment, with a word count of 1000 words, accounting for 20%, and submitted in Week 5, December 5th (T3 time). Students will answer five questions based on the three documents provided by the teacher and other materials and data found by themselves. It is about bariatric surgery, and there should be no less than five references.


The second assignment of HSN211 is four tests. The four exams are submitted on Thursdays of Week 3, Week 6, Week 9 and Week 11 respectively. Each exam has 10 questions and 15 minutes. Each test is open for 60 minutes. Hours, the four exams accounted for 20% of the total, and each exam accounted for 5%. If students want to get sample questions and more targeted review materials, they can consult GPA Expert, and we will provide corresponding help.


Regarding the Literature Review and presentation of the third assignment of HSN211, the Written writing part is 1200 words, and the video recording time of the presentation is 90 seconds. When students submit, remember to submit both, and check whether the video and document can be opened normally. The submission time for homework 3 is Monday of Week 10, January 23rd (T3 time), accounting for 30&, which is quite a large proportion. If students need it, please consult GPA EXPERT for details. We can provide some literature reviews and presentation help, such as speaking skills and scoring points.


The fourth assignment of HSN211 is the final exam, which lasts 90 minutes and accounts for 30%. Although the proportion of this final is not too high, it is still very important! Because it is not particularly easy to get points for homework 3 and homework 1, there are also targeted review materials for this course and final sample questions. It is recommended that students click on GPA to get help!



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