BUSM3069_Strategic Management Course Analysis - Reports, Papers, Finals, Exams, Case Studies, Group Assignments

There are 3 assessments in the course of BUSM69, the first is a case study, the second is a group report, and the third is the Final exam.

Strategic Management This course explores the nature of strategy, and the nature and how to create it in different organizational, industrial and economic contexts. The complexity of strategic process, content and context means that there is no one clear position on strategy. The implications of this complexity for managers seeking to develop strategic thinking skills were studied. To understand the concept of sustainable competitive advantage, this article explores the paradoxes and debates in the field of strategy. Students will use theoretical knowledge within a dialectical inquiry framework to conduct strategic analysis and select strategic options in case study scenarios and team strategy simulations.


There are 3 assignments in this course.

For the first case study report, you need to write a 1,500-word strategic analysis report based on the case given by the teacher, participate in class discussions and group discussions, and the due date is in the seventh week. In the homework requirements, the teacher will give specific content, just follow the steps and the main points given, and this homework accounts for 30%.


The second homework is the group report and presentation. According to the teacher's grouping and case, the group needs to write a 2000-word report, and prepare a 500-word executive summary and a 15-minute presentation. The teacher will give several cases for the group to choose, and an alyze the strategic results and SCA from the company and industry analysis, including financial and non-financial data analysis, the deadline has a corresponding completion date according to different cases, and submit on Fridays of week11, week12 and week13 Report, presentation one week after submitting the report. This homework accounts for 40%. It should be noted that at least 12 academic references are required, and you must actively search and discuss with the group to clarify your assigned tasks to achieve good grades.


The third homework is the Final exam, which accounts for 30% of the total and has three questions. What needs to be clarified is that the exam is also closely related to the cases and theories in the semester, and a few of them are selected for questioning to show the learning results. If you need sample questions from previous years, you can add GPA EXPERT.


The average guidance score of BUSM3069 is 90 points. In previous years, you can log in to GAP to view the key points of homework, exam scores and key points of knowledge. It is recommended that students consult GPA Experts in detail to seek professional help to ensure excellent results.



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