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The MEDIAART1A03 course consists of 3 assessments. The first assignment is to check the attendance of the students, the second is the assignment for the media art project, and the third is the final exam.


MEDIAART1A03 Media Arts, about media art, MEDIAART1A03's Assignment1 is a student's attendance rate for this course this semester. The main task of this assessment is that students will be graded for their weekly attendance and active participation in tutorial sessions. In addition to this, students may be required to prepare questions and comments that may be used in tutorial sessions to facilitate and structure discussions of the readings and class. Students may also be asked to engage in various exercises in tutorial sessions or to communicate their results through Avenue to Learn. In either case, students will be "assessed on the frequency and quality of their contributions". Participation in each tutorial will be graded for completion. Note: Attendance alone may not be enough to gain participation. For the same reason, opportunities for participation independent of attendance will be offered to compensate for excused absences. This test accounts for a total of 10%, and the time is in the class of each class. The above is the general content of Assignment 1, and the specific content refers to GAP.

Assignment 2 of MEDIAART1A03 is a three-part media arts project assignment. Students will complete three (3) media art projects throughout the semester. The first media arts project involved students using some form of digital technology to record an event or process over time or across multiple instances or locations as a way of reflecting on what was observed through the latter's technology intermediary of things. The second Media Arts project requires students to develop a low-tech digital media tool to replace a more common, high-tech, and expensive digital media tool to demonstrate their creative thinking and innovative problem-solving skills. A third media arts project has students create a new book cover for a written work to reconsider the relationship between form and content in visual representation and apply principles of design and typography. This homework accounted for 60%, and the due date was 11:59 pm on week 5/8/11.

The final assignment3 is an exam in which students will write a timed exam at the "end of the term" consisting of a combination of multiple choice, short answer and/or long answer questions randomly selected from a large number of potential questions) which will assess the student's interest in the course Engagement and mastery of the content, including lectures and readings. Exams are cumulative and will cover content from the beginning of the course to the end. A review is provided before the exam, listing all the terms, concepts, authors and arguments that the student will be responsible for understanding during the exam. A total of 30% is more important. The due date is during the exam. If there is anything unclear, GAP Expert can choose a professional teacher to explain MEDIAART1A03.

The average guidance score of MEDIAART1A03 is 86 points. The media art project homework can learn the key points of scoring in GAP EXPERT. There are also precautions and explanations for the final test and other exams. It is recommended that students who have no foundation can consult in detail



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