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ACR305 is an elective course for the business department of Deakin University, the full name is Crime, Terrorism and Security. This course provides an introduction to the broad topic of terrorism.


ACR305 has a total of 3 assignments. For more details, click GPA Expert.

Assessment1: Research and Writing Exercise, accounting for 25%

The main content of ACR305 assignment one is to choose a country other than Australia and conduct a "genealogy analysis" of terrorism and counter-terrorism efforts in that country. Provide a critical description of how the chosen nation-state defines terrorism and articulate the major factors, events, or cultural dynamics that influence how the chosen nation-state formulates its current counterterrorism strategy. Responses must provide a critical, scholarly reflection on the definition of what the survey calls terrorism and its history. Think about the given question and write a 1000-word essay.

Assessment2: Research Report, accounting for 50%

Assignment 2 of ACR305 entails outlining how selected policy changes balance appropriate "risk management" of the real threat of terrorism with the need to protect democratic and liberal values such as human rights, democratic freedoms, and legal rights. Students should outline the impact of their chosen area of administrative/policy change, including consideration of whether the chosen policy change had unintended consequences for non-"terrorist" organizations or individuals. Something to reflect on is whether specific policy changes can be considered "successes" or "failures". Utilizing selected policy changes requires reflection on how the 'war on terror affects civil society or the criminal justice system and its functioning. Non-Australian examples are acceptable. For more details, click GPA EXPERT.

Assessment3: Presentation

Assignment 3 of ACR305 focuses on arguing for reform of Australia's counter-terrorism strategy. To answer the question "Where is the next step in Australia's counter-terrorism efforts?" use as much evidence, data and learning as possible to make your case. The assignment takes the form of a completed 10-minute audio-visual presentation using video, Prezi recordings or PowerPoint recordings. Need help please go to GPA



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