ALR376 Ethics, Persuasion and Society - Elective, Essay, Online, Test

ALR376 is an elective course of business at Deakin University, the full name is Ethics, Persuasion and Society. The main focus of the course is to study persuasive language practice in public relations in the context of the communication industry and to analyze its consequences and impact on people and society.


ALR376 has a total of 3 jobs

Assessment1: Essay, accounting for 40%, 1600 words, for more details, click GPA Expert

The main task of ALR376 assignment one is to conduct research and write an essay

Dissertation Prompt: What are the implications of unethical public relations for an open democratic society?

Write a 1600-word essay reflecting on why PR "disinformation" is seen as an unethical practice, akin to lying, and corrosive to an open democratic society. For example, how do communities in democratic societies experience or address unethical language practices in public relations? What are some common practical approaches to persuasive public relations? What are the implications of these approaches?

By citing examples from a) I-2 unit case studies, b) a real-world example from your desk research, c) relevant theory from 1-2 study guides and reading list topics 1-4, concept and source. This triangulation will build a strong evidence base for your arguments and critical analysis.

Assessment2: Talking Point, accounting for 20%, 800 words + two comments

Assignment 2 for ALR376 is to answer two online exercises related to study guide topics, and at least two other student posts, choose two from three talking point activity options and post a 2 x 400-word response on the forum. Provide thoughtful, creative and critical responses to questions based on current events, study guide topic content and key arguments presented. Join the online conversation by responding constructively to at least two other students' posts promptly. Try to engage and provide a substantive response to your classmates, just like you would in a real-life discussion.

Assessment 3: Research Essay, accounting for 40%, 1600 words. Need Help Click GPA.

ALR376 Assignment 3 is tasked with conducting research and writing an essay

Article Prompt: How communication campaigns can develop resilient communities and how important issues like climate change can be understood by the public.

Research and write a 1600-word essay reflecting a values-based movement that builds ideas, solidarity and political consensus for social change. Justify your position by referring to 1-2 examples of open, inclusive and ethical communication methods in one or more unit case studies and use a tabletop research approach to illustrate a real media example, refer to Topic 8 - 1-2 relevant theories, concepts and sources out of 11 to support your position. For more details, click GPA EXPERT



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