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Management Accounting(MA) is one of the required basic courses in accounting. The course focuses on the calculation of various costs within a company and the analysis of operational decisions. This course is required for the second semester of the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) program and is also required for the first semester of the Master of Accounting program, although it may be taken as an elective for other business majors. Learn more about GPA Expert


How difficult is it to study?

The overall difficulty of the course is moderate, compared to the third and fourth-semester courses, this course is certainly not that difficult, it is the kind of class that anyone can understand if you follow the steps carefully. The most sensible learning strategy is to digest the weekly knowledge points in time and not slack off on your daily study. It is strongly discouraged to save the course knowledge for the end of the semester because the tedious knowledge review will take up a lot of time for the final review of other subjects.


What are the assignments and exams? Need help clicking GPA.

If there are no significant changes this semester, the course grading section will consist of three parts (this is the experience of previous years, please refer to the new semester teacher's teaching plan for the new semester schedule).


1. In-semester Quizzes, weekly online quizzes that start on Week02 and end on Week11. The questions are multiple-choice and need to be answered within the time limit. According to the usual practice, the test will not focus on the correct rate but on whether the questions have been answered.


2. Assignment, some semesters are Group assignments and some are Individual assignments, please refer to the arrangement of CE in each semester. The difficulty of the case is moderate, as long as you prepare for it, the score is generally satisfactory.


3. final exam, that is, the final exam, the teacher will announce the scope of the exam at Week 12 before the exam. The length of the online exam varies from semester to semester, depending on the CE schedule, generally speaking, it is either 2 hours and 10 minutes or 3 hours and 10 minutes.


How difficult are the exams? What is the failure rate?


Before the epidemic, the average final failure rate for this course was around 12% when you took the physical class, with some semesters as high as 25% at the highest and some semesters as low as 7% at the lowest. Before the epidemic, the difficulty of the exams depended only on the ratio of theoretical to computational questions; the higher the ratio of computational questions the lower the difficulty of the exams, and the higher the ratio of theoretical questions the higher the difficulty of the exams. The CE will announce the ratio of theory and calculation questions before the exam, so you can know the difficulty of the exam.


However, after the epidemic, the Final became an Online exam, and the difficulty of each exam depends not only on the ratio of theory and calculation questions but also on one more decisive factor: the length of the exam. If the CE exam is about 3 hours, the exam will be very easy because there is plenty of time to finish the questions; however, if the exam is about 2 hours, the exam will be very challenging because it is generally very tight for a machine exam.


Is the content useful?


Very useful. It is a pre-requisite course for the next semester of Strategic Management Accounting (SMA), and there is some overlap between the two courses, so learning MA well will be very helpful for future semesters of SMA. Secondly, if you want to take any accounting-related qualification exams in the future (e.g. CPA, ACCA, etc.), the content of management accounting will always be required, so learning this course well is also very helpful for future professional qualification exams. Learn more about GPA EXPERT



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