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Let me share with you how to distinguish between Lecture and Tutorial. Many new students may be a little confused about the university system, but don't be too depressed and nervous. It will be much better after a while.

At the beginning of school, you will go through course selection and tuition payment. Enter the course selection interface, determine your major, and you will find your major required courses in My Program Requirement, just add it to the shopping cart and pay. Once selected, the class schedule will be updated.

First of all, everyone learns to check the class schedule. There are two types of universities, one is Lecture and the other is a Tutorial. A lecture is a course that you don’t need to attend. You can watch the video directly on the school’s website, that is, the recording and broadcasting. You can watch it at any time you want. If you don’t understand it, you can watch it repeatedly. If you do not attend the course for special reasons, you can watch it at home. Compared with watching recordings at home, it is recommended that everyone go to school classrooms because there will be a more learning atmosphere. To learn more, click GPA Expert

The tutorial is similar to a tutoring course. The teacher will explain the content of the Lecture in a subdivided manner, and most of the tutorial will assess attendance, depending on the requirements of each school. If there is an assessment, you must take it on time, because it means that it will directly affect your overall grade this semester. Moreover, Tutorial courses will be supplemented with some in-class tests and contacts, which are completed online. Look at the outline for details there will be a detailed introduction, and there will be an outline introduction for each weekly course.

Some schools' lectures will be presented in the form of a PPT every week. This is also very important. The knowledge points learned this week will be reflected in the lectures. For the exam, the main knowledge points are generally found in the weekly Lectures throughout the semester for assessment.

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