What is Python? What are the benefits for international students?


With the development of the times, Python has appeared more and more times in the eyes of students. Not only IT, but Python language has also appeared more and more in many business homework and exams, so today I will introduce to you The benefits of Python for international students. To learn more, click GPA Expert.


(1) Recruitment

In the recruitment positions of many well-known companies, knowing "Python" has become the entry threshold for job hunting. I believe many students have heard of the four major accounting firms: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Deloitte (DTT), KPMG and Ernst & Young (EY). Their job advertisements require employees to know at least one of the programming languages C++, Java, or Python.

(2) The most popular programming language

Just now I mentioned C++, Java, R language and other computer languages. Why do we value Python so much instead of other languages?

1. Python is easy to learn. If we search, it is not difficult to find that many junior high school students and even primary school students have gradually started to get in touch with Python. It does not require too much computer foundation like other computer languages. Even many students are self-taught. On the Coursera website, there is a course "Python for everyone", which once brought the entire Coursera website into flames.

2. Python is powerful. Compared with other languages, the code of Python is relatively simple. Twenty lines of code can replace 100 or even 1000 lines of code in other languages.

(3) Other purposes. To learn more, click GPA EXPERT.

1. If you are in the financial industry and want to predict the future stock price increase based on the stock market, if you know python, maybe ten minutes will be fine! If you don't, it may take a day and a night.

2. When writing a thesis, you can download the relevant documents by entering the python code, which greatly reduces the time for students to search for information and improves the efficiency of writing the thesis


It can be seen that learning Python is an excellent choice, whether it is for better future career development or a high salary! Click GPA if needed.


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