Do you know about various scholarships for studying in Australia?

Studying abroad is a way for many students to improve themselves, and the cost of studying abroad is also one of the problems that most people worry about. Australia attracts many students every year because of its good educational environment and beautiful scenery, but except for a small number of families, most of our students are working families, so for students, the scholarship application is a way to reduce the pressure of studying abroad Not a bad way. So, the following is a general introduction to the types of scholarships in Australia. If you need help, please click GPA.

 Australian Endeavor Scholarships. This scholarship is offered by the Australian Government and administered by the Australian Department of Education and Training. It was established mainly to consolidate Australia's outstanding reputation in the field of education and research, to promote the internationalization of higher education and scientific research institutions, and to provide overseas outstanding personnel to study, engage in research and personal career development in Australia and overseas. various opportunities.

Endeavour Scholarship mainly includes Postgraduate Endeavor Scholarship, Research Scholars Endeavor Scholarship, etc. The scholarship includes a travel allowance of 3,000 Australian dollars, a resettlement allowance of 2,000 Australian dollars, and a monthly living allowance of 3,000 Australian dollars.

 Australian Development Scholarships. This scholarship is jointly proposed and developed by the Australian Agency for International Development and the Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation of China and is issued and managed by the Australian Agency for International Development. Applicants cover doctoral, postgraduate, undergraduate and higher vocational education degrees.

Scholarships include full tuition fees, round-trip air tickets, living allowances, settlement allowances, overseas student health insurance, basic medical expenses for students, etc.

 International Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Australia. This scholarship is uniformly funded by the Australian government and allocated to 42 well-known local universities, with only 330 places each year. This scholarship is specially established for international students, to encourage masters and doctoral students from various countries.

Scholarships include tuition fees and health insurance, etc. For more knowledge, click GPA EXPERT.

In addition, there are International Master's Research Scholarships, Sydney Achievement International Scholarships, Australian University Development Scholarships, etc. Each school also has its own specific scholarships. You can go to the official website of each school to check and learn in time More detailed scholarship information. For more information, students can log in to GPA Expert to contact customer service for consultation.


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