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At the end of each semester, most courses will have a final, and the proportion of the Final is very high, most of which will account for half of the entire course, so everyone pays attention to the final because the assessment form of each course is different. The same, so many friends only read the test information and the notice sent by the teacher, but still don't know how to take the test and what form to take the test. To learn more, click GPA EXPERT.

Today I would like to share with you, the current final forms, you can see which one your upcoming exam is.

First of all, the first one is conducted on the invigilation software, ProctorU. This is an exam proctored by invigilators. The invigilators can monitor the test environment of the students throughout the process. Students can directly use the dialogue box to contact the invigilator. To view the invigilation environment, an appointment is required for the exam. Time.

The second is Record+, which is also the original form of ProctorU. There is no proctor, and the whole process is proctored by AI, which is a more advanced proctoring mode. AI will automatically search the test environment and proctor the whole process until the end of the exam. An invigilator will watch the video of the replay of the exam for inspection.

The third type is open-book exams. Generally, open-book exams will not be invigilated. There is a fixed exam time, open and close at certain points, and you need to submit the exam within a limited time.

The fourth type is also submitted on Canvas. Usually, the test time is up to three hours. This time will include reading, downloading and uploading, and it can be completed within the test time. Need help clicking GPA.

The last one is take-home exams, which are usually within 24 hours or 48 hours, and can be completed within the specified time. The exams in this situation are relatively easy, but most of them are for those who have research or are more professional. Stronger subjects, so the time given is reasonable, don't wait until the last few hours to catch up, otherwise, the quality will not be high.

Remind all students, before the exam, you must check the exam time and exam situation clearly, adjust the network environment in advance, and finally wish you a smooth exam. For more information contact GPA Expert.