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DATA4700 is a course for Kaplan Business School master, the full name is Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage.


DATA4700 has a total of 3 assignments, click GPA if necessary.

Assessment1: Customer Analytics Case Study, accounting for 20%

DATA4700 Assignment 1 is required to solve a business problem: Which customers in your database will you select to increase revenue or reduce churn, and how will you achieve this? Required completion: Analyze data to create a market segment of your customer base; The snippet created is correct; consider RFM analysis and customer lifetime value, selects a segment to target; provide recommendations on how best to engage with the selected target customer segment.

Write a short statement of intent that addresses: (1) who the target audience for the report is; and (2) what techniques did you use to connect with that audience and improve the readability of the report. Complete a 1000-word report+200-word statement of intent.

Assessment 2: Consulting Project, accounting for 30%, learn more about GPA EXPERT.

Assignment 2 of DATA4700 is a group assignment, and the group is completed by 4-5 people. It is an in-class assignment.

During Week 10 class, the teacher will provide a case analysis, and the group will complete a one-page A4 paper written report within 90 minutes. The main content is: to summarize the insights gained from the case study data analysis and provide customers with guidance on how to attract and retain customers, suggesting that you think the customer's product should be priced and why explaining how the customer should communicate the price to the market and why.

After completing the presentation, the group is required to make a 5-minute presentation where the instructor will play the role of the advised client.

The main content is: the group should summarize the recommendations that customers should take in attracting and retaining customers, and how the prices offered by customers should be set and communicated; each member of the group should speak about some aspect of the recommendations to customers. One minute.

Finally, a peer review of the contributions of the group members is required.

Assessment3: Competitive Advantage Analytics Report, accounting for 35%

Assignment 3 of DATA4700 is based on a scenario: you are hired as a consultant for the iconic Australian chocolate brand Cherry Ripe. Cherry Ripe would like your advice on how to enhance its digital marketing approach, especially given that Australia's new generation of young adult consumers is increasingly likely to order groceries online rather than browse supermarket shelves. This is a timely opportunity for Cherry Ripe to consider how they can be the first choice for this target group about other cuisines that these young people may also be considering, a first step in consulting with Cherry Ripe is to visit the brand's website and learn about its history. Complete a 1500-word report+200-word statement of intent. To learn more, click GPA Expert.



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