First aid stickers: How to improve the success rate of course selection?

The new semester is about to start. Many international students are worried about how to choose courses or how to choose courses to effectively ensure the pass rate. Before choosing courses, students should first check the course content, requirements, class time, teaching professors and other detailed information about each course. Do your research before considering whether to take this course. It is worth noting that all the courses in the first week of school in Australia are in the trial listening stage. In the first class, the professor will briefly introduce the teaching plan, examination mode and grade evaluation method for this semester. After the trial class, if the students feel that it is inappropriate or difficult, they can readjust their courses. Learn more by clicking GPA EXPERT.

1. How to use the Waitlist correctly?

If the course is closed, you can join the waitlist. If there is a vacancy, the first person on the waitlist will automatically enrol

There is no guarantee that you will be admitted to the Waitlist. It is recommended to register for a spare tire course while waiting, which is also a key step to improve the success rate of course selection.

    2. Use Edit Swap to improve the success rate of course selection

    You can use Edit Swap, when the waitlist is for you, the system will automatically replace your spare tire course for you

For instance, your first choice is class A, but it has been closed, so a waitlist is added. At the same time, you are also enrolled in an optional course B. Next, click Edit Swap to match the two classes, so that when class A becomes available, the system will automatically drop class B & enrol class A for you.

   3. What is the difference between Drop and Withdraw?

   Some students asked me what is the difference between the two withdrawals. They are also withdrawing classes, what kind of impact will they have? The drop will not affect GPA, will not leave any records on the transcript, the school will refund the full amount, and will not affect the scholarship. Generally, it will appear before the school's census or within the specified date to help you succeed in the dropped course. Need help clicking GPA.

Withdraw does not affect GPA, but it will appear on the transcript and leave a "W" record. The school will partially refund or no refund, and this may hurt future scholarships/academic applications/job hunting! ! Try to avoid it, and try to stick to it once you're more than halfway through the course! Learn more about GPA Expert.

  University study in Australia requires a lot of reading and thinking. In addition to some fixed basic professional courses, you will also be exposed to a large number of industry courses. These courses usually have no correct answers and no right or wrong. Successful course selection is also an important choice to help you on the road to a higher GPA.