MKTG1045 Market Research - writing assessment research project report

MKTG1045 is Market Research.  Assessment 1 is an Online Quiz with only multiple-choice, which requires you to show your knowledge and understanding of basic concepts and frameworks of market research. You will have 20 minutes to complete and submit the Quiz. In this task, you must fully participate in the materials covered in the first part of the course and use these basic theories as the basis.  The test questions were randomly assigned.  The Due date is in the fourth week, March 27, accounting for 10%. The above is about the general content of Assessment 1, and you can refer to GPA Expert for specific questions.  


Assessment 2 of MKTG1045 is a Market Research Project. It is a group Assessment of 5-6 people. You are required to submit a final report for your Market Research Project, in which Market Research and data analysis is required.  Based on the analysis, conclusions and recommendations are drawn, and the final report must contain no more than 30 annotated slides and appendices, following format instructions.  The Due date is in the 11th week, May 20th, accounting for 40%. GPA Expert can help you explain MKTG1045 by teachers of selected majors if you don't understand the report.  

 The last Assessment 3 of MKTG1045 is Consulting Report. In this Report, you need to solve the problems in the homework with the materials that can be used and analyzed, analyze the situation presented in the market research briefing, and put forward suggestions and thoughts.  Propose solutions for market research projects.  The report should be no more than ten pages, and the Due date is June 6th, accounting for 50%.  Do not know where to start the students can consult GPA Expert customer service, to provide professional teacher guidance.  

The average guidance score of MKTG1045 is 83 points. You can learn the score points of the Report and Quiz on our website, and there are notes and explanations for group Assessments. It is recommended that students who have no basic knowledge can consult our professional teachers in detail, and come to GPA Expert to choose the right one for them.  Professional teachers for you to create a suitable for their own MKTG1045 learning plan! 






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