ACCT1014 Accounting, Behavior and Organizations-Ghostwriting, group assignments, case studies, accounting, dissertation

Accounting, Behavior and Organizations This course provides an opportunity to develop a further understanding of managerial accounting tools and techniques taught in previous managerial accounting courses. In this course, students will explore the use of these tools in different organizational settings to design formal management accounting systems. The course adopts the perspective of accounting as a social practice; therefore, there is a strong emphasis on the behaviours that a management accounting system can encourage. The course also examines the relevance of business strategy and organizational structure in designing management accounting systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of performance-based measures and rewards in contemporary management accounting systems, and the behaviours these factors may encourage.

A1 case study (classroom online) 20%

Assessment 1 will be taken in class during the fourth week. This is a group assessment (3-4 students) and students will answer questions based on a specific case. Students need to sign up for a group on Canvas by week four.

A2 case study (classroom online) 30%

Assessment 2 is a classroom excel case study conducted in week 10. In groups of 3-4 students, students are required to critically analyze a management accounting system (MAS) within a case company and propose solutions to identified problems. The case includes a brief case study description and an excel spreadsheet outlining the company's financial and non-financial performance. Before the exam, students should install Excel software on their computers. In this assessment, student teams act as consultants, hired by specific companies, to suggest improvements to the MAS design. Students must provide a written answer to the questions posed by the case company manager. In this assessment, students will use Microsoft Excel to look up relevant information and perform some basic calculations. This is an open-book assessment and it will cover topics 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

A3Report 3500 words 50%

An individual business report is required, consisting of two main sections (Strategy and Balanced Scorecard).

The total word limit is 3500 words (Part 1: 1000 words, Part 2: 1000 words, Part 3: 1500 words). Word counts exclude reference lists and executive summaries.


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