LAW2442 Business Law - Law, Test, Report, Evaluation, Short Answer

Business Law This course introduces fundamental aspects of the law that are relevant to business professionals –the modern business would not be possible without the law of contracts. Contract law allows for the allocation of risk and the enforcement of promises in a commercial context.

Taught through weekly lectures and tutorials, students will research and apply legal principles relating to negligence, contract law, Australian consumer law, business organization and management.

LAW2442 A1 text 20%.

The online knowledge test must be completed within the allotted time. Students will have 60 minutes to answer 20 questions to demonstrate understanding and application of fundamental legal concepts, skills and rules.

LAW2442 A2 case study about 1500 words 40%.

Students will be confronted with a real-world problem and will be required to submit a written assessment responding to legal issues related to topics 1 to 6 inclusive. In this assessment, students will apply the legal problem-solving skills learned in the tutorial. This assessment will develop the following capabilities. First, it will develop students' analytical skills to analyze real textual problem scenarios to identify certain legal issues that arise in the scenarios. Second, it will develop students' ability to identify and locate relevant legal rules.

LAW2442 A3 Final 50%.

15 minutes of reading time and 2 hours of writing time. 3 short answer questions. The word count is about 2000 words.


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