BUSM4095 Human Resource Management - courses, management, tutorials, groups, quizzes, assignments

This course provides an overview of human resource management (HRM) principles and strategies in organizational management. In particular, the strategic role of human resource management in an organization.

Course credit includes lectures and tutorials; your assignments; your participation in group debates and class discussions; case studies and a final exam.


UGRD 2022 Flexible Semester Assessment Overview

Assessment Task 1 Online Test (Multiple Choice): 10%

Assessment Task 2 Individual Essay: 40%

Evaluation Task 3: (50%)


BUSM4095 Assessment Task 1, assignment starts 27 November (Australian time), weighting: 10%, quiz duration: 30 minutes

The task opening hours are 16:00-23:00 on the same day. This assessment task will enable you to achieve the following course learning outcome: The scope and purpose of analyzing and applying human resource management in different organizational contexts. Critically analyze and apply emerging strategic human resource management to sustain current policies and procedures in changing business environments and workplaces. Analyze HR systems and processes and align them with leadership strategies and objectives in contemporary organizations to promote best practices in HR performance.


BUSM4095 Assessment Task 2, the assignment will start at 14:45 on 18 November and end at 23:59 on 11 December (Australian time).

This is a personal research paper-type assignment, mark: 40%. The report must include the following:

Part 1: Conduct an in-depth literature review.

Part 2: Investigate real-life organizations and gather information from primary sources (i.e. HR professionals or any other managers dealing with HR-related activities) or secondary sources (textbooks, journal articles, Internet and other sources, etc.). If you choose to gather information from primary sources, you may also use your organization or contact another real-life organisation, the information gathered must be strictly related to the topic you are assigned.

You must research and provide a comprehensive literature review of (a) the role of HR professionals in the context of HR management in 2022; and (b) the application of assigned HR topics to real-world organisations.

You have to investigate a real-life organization. You must critically review the application of assigned HR topics. You can use primary (i.e. interviews with HR managers or any manager dealing with HR-related issues) and secondary (i.e. textbooks, magazines, company annual reports, websites, and journal articles) sources. You can also collect information from your organization.

Part 3: Discuss the results of Process 2 and compare Process 2 with the literature review.

Section 4: Recommendations based on identified gaps.

Part 5: Conclusions and reflections can also highlight any opportunities to transfer the knowledge gained in HR research to future academic and professional settings.

A minimum of eight academic references (textbooks and scholarly journal articles) are required for this assessment task. A detailed guide for this assessment task will be available on CANVAS. You must cite these references in the text and the reference list.

Word count guideline: 3000 (minimum)


BUSM4095 Assessment Task 3

When: 16 December 13:45 - 16 December 16:00 (2 hours 15 minutes). Question types are multiple choice and case studies. In the fifth week, the teacher gave an example of a case study. The multiple-choice questions consist of 20 questions, which can be taken once before the exam. Learn more by clicking GPA Expert.



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