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This course provides students with programming concepts and personal programming skills, starting from their previous mastery of procedural programming. Its main topic is object-oriented concepts. Java is a typical object-oriented language. This course focuses on explaining the architecture and form of this type of programming concept. Its essence is to create objects to reflect the interaction and connection between different types.

The Ass included in this course of INFO1113 are:

Weekly Quiz: Complete weekly quizzes online that will focus on testing knowledge and skills of the course material so far this semester. The time limit for each quiz is about 10 minutes. It is generally a multiple-choice question, and most of the questions are not difficult. The total proportion is 20%.


Practical Ass: Accounting for 12%, it is to complete the programming test according to the problem description within a limited time. This requires proficiency in knowledge points.


Assignment: This assignment section is usually moderately difficult. Some are to give an approximate scaffold and let students add codes on this basis. Some homework is a more fun game that requires students to conduct simple tests. This is mainly to examine the programming ability of the students. Generally, there will be two ass assignments, accounting for 18% of the total. The format and submission details of specific assignments can be viewed at GPA.


Final: The final exam is difficult or easy, and the most difficult questions are usually on the recursion of coding, as well as some other questions. The final questions have higher requirements for programming ideas and mastery of object-oriented language concepts. The final accounts for 50% and is completed during the exam. For specific requirements, please refer to GPA Expert for details.


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