International students return home after graduation or stay abroad

Many students who plan to study abroad and friends who are about to graduate should have struggled with such problems. After graduating from studying abroad, whether to return to China or stay abroad. Today I will take you to analyze it.

First of all, the first problem after graduation is the problem of employment. The current situation in China is that masters are everywhere, doctors are everywhere, and there are a lot of returnees. It can be said that the competition is very fierce. Generally, the government recruits civil servants. Graduates from domestic 985 and 211 colleges and most of the state-owned enterprises will also choose domestic graduates, giving priority to domestic students, and then considering international students. Unless the QS ranking of your graduate school is very high, foreign students will graduate. Many people can’t find a job after returning home.

If you stay abroad, there are also difficulties staying abroad. Generally, undergraduates and master’s graduates have a 2-year visa, and doctors have a three-year visa. Within two or three years, you are free, and you can change your job freely, but if the visa After the expiration, the PSW visa cannot be renewed, which means that if there is no suitable job before the expiration, then you will regret to leave because many small companies do not have qualification guarantees and stay abroad. Of course, for small companies get It is not impossible to get a work permit, but it is very difficult. The main risk is that if you return to China after two years, you will also lose your status as a freshman. The settlement policies and subsidies for international students in first-tier cities in China are quite attractive.

If you choose to return to China, let me analyze the advantages and differences between international students and domestic graduates. In terms of salary, the salary level of international students is generally higher than that of domestic graduates. Employment issues also need to be divided into majors. Not all international students can If you get a high salary, the professional treatment with relatively strong technical skills will be higher.

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