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MLC101 is one of the 8 core courses of Deakin Business. It is a basic law course, the full name is Law for Commerce. This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and purposes of commercial law, covering the Australian legal system, the law relating to contracts, commercial relationships and negligence.


Law can be divided into public law and private law, or civil law and criminal law, including constitutional and criminal law.

Civil law includes contract law, tort law Private law includes contract law, tort law and corporate law.

The penal code includes both summary and prosecution offences.


There are three assignments in this course, from low to high.


Assignment 1 is a case study, accounting for 20%, consisting of two parts: Part a-quiz, accounting for 5%; Part b-case study, accounting for 15%; Part A needs to complete Part B before it can be completed; Part B should be completed when it is completed IRAC method written. So for those who are learning LAW for the first time, IRAC will be relatively unfamiliar.


So what are IRAs?

IRAC is an analysis of legal issues and organized language answers to legal questions, free rules, applications and conclusions.

Therefore, IRAC's four-step approach is generally recommended when dealing with matters of fact that require the applicable law:

I: ISSUES: Identify the key issues in the problem

R: Rules: Identification of Relevant Laws (Relevant Legislative Provisions and Cases)

A: APPLICATION: The law applies to the problem (fact)

C: Conclusion: Reasonable application of law to facts.


Assignment 2 is a case analysis, 1500 words, accounting for 30%.


This assignment requires the analysis and evaluation of the legal issues raised in the case study in light of the legal principles covered in topics 3 and 4. This assignment focuses on learning to answer legal questions and conduct legal research in formal written form. This assessment is the second step in the acquisition of legal debate skills, a discipline-specific skill that enhances writing and understanding of the workings of business law. This analysis also requires the IRAC method. If you need help, you can click GPA to get effective help.


Assignment 3 is the final exam and is 50%.


The 5-question exam focuses on termination and reinstatement of consumer protection, tort law, agency and partnership, and corporate law. That is to say, the learning content and reading materials of topics 5-9 are not involved in Topics 1-4.


Starting from T1 this year, Deakin has successively proctored some subjects of the electronic exam, and the exam time will be shortened. This semester, MLC101 is just within the proctored subjects, and the test time has been changed from 48 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes. Due to the large proportion of exams, the wide range of investigations, and the tight schedule, we must make a review plan!


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