ISYS3314 Business Information Systems (Associate Degree) Course Introduction - Closed Book, Test, Design, Canvas

ISYS3314 Business Information System (Diploma Associate Degree). Designed to develop students' ability to use business analysis tools and models built on a range of techniques to enhance students' understanding of problems, decision quality and the innovative design of usable systems. Students will use mobile social networking technologies to collaborate with peers, model business problems, visualize information and communicate business proposals effectively. Business solutions developed to address case studies describing global information systems problems will adhere to professional and ethical standards.

ISYS3314 has three jobs.

Assessment 1 - Take home, case study and online test (closed book)

The first assignment is divided into two parts and its proportion is 30%. The main formats are case studies published on Canvas and online closed-book tests based on case studies. In this assignment, students use business analysis tools and models built into standard desktop applications to enhance student understanding of problems, design usable systems, and improve decision quality. Students will also be required to apply a range of technologies and data visualization techniques to effectively communicate the student's business plan to the intended audience and to critically analyze global information systems issues to design solutions that meet professional and ethical standards. For more details, please contact GPA customer service.

Assessment 2 - Classroom Excel Practice Test (Open Book)

This is an excel test and it has a 35% scale and about 90 minutes to complete, this test will be done via a quiz on Canvas. Please note that for this assignment, the uploaded file must be a Microsoft Excel file. These are the outlines for Assignment 2.

Assessment 3 visits

The final assignment 3 for ISYS3314 is the Microsoft Access Test. Its score is 35%. This task is an open-book test and takes the form of a canvas quiz. Students must complete the test and upload student files within 90 minutes.

ISYS3314 This course requires the use of business performance management tools (BPM, data visualization, mobile social networking technologies) to model business problems to effectively communicate business decisions and generate business solutions to address global issues that will adhere to professional and ethical standards Case studies of information systems problems. Assignment guidance, guided quizzes, and case study writing services are available, and we guarantee the originality of the work and protect student privacy. We also provide professional real-time answering services and paper/report revision and polishing services. It is recommended that students who have no foundation can click on GPA for detailed consultation!


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