LAW2497 Business Law - Law, Business, Exams, Case Studies

This course explores the process of enacting, interpreting and applying laws, including tort law, contract law and consumer law, with an emphasis on the practical application of these laws in business. Understanding the law is at the heart of running a successful business, as failure to comply can result in a business being sued.


What are the requirements and difficulties of Assignment 1?


The exam consists of multiple-choice and short-answer questions, with a total of 20 questions, the problem is not difficult. You can find the corresponding answers and how to analyze and from which aspects to analyze in the courseware. Since there is only one attempt and no proctor, students need to allocate time.


What is the main point in assignment 2?


The knowledge points of the possible Case study cover the knowledge points of Weeks 6-10. Students will also need to understand some of the legal concepts studied in Modules 1-10, as the corresponding law will be used to explain the cases in the exam. This assignment aims to provide students with an important perspective on the Australian legal system, including consumer disputes. Students need to consider how and why knowledge of the Australian legal system and laws are used to achieve desired outcomes.


For this assignment, you will need to download a research assignment file (case file) and write only 500 words on each of the three questions.


What are the question types and specific requirements for Assignment 3?


These questions require case studies and answers to the questions posed. The knowledge points related to the case need to refer to the courseware materials of week1-week10. The corresponding rules have been suggested in the reading. During the exam, students may refer to any written source, including dictionaries. The exam is not proctored, and codes and reference materials can be found in the library. During the exam, you can only use a laptop to complete the exam, mobile phones and tablets are not supported.

The exam is two hours long and the answers are approximately 2,000 to 2,500 words. The question will be divided into several sub-questions, each question must write the question number, and the citation should be placed at the end. The exam does not require APA formatting, so any format that meets the requirements is fine.


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