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Many students always ask questions about GPA, "Is GPA important?". Next, I will take students to understand the algorithm and importance of GPA in various countries.


United States

General and professional GPA requirements. Generally, if the GPA is lower than 2 points, the general university will enter the stage of probation, and there will be a semester opportunity to pull it up. If not, it will be expelled (you can appeal, transfer, and apply for a master’s degree across the course).

American universities require undergraduates to achieve an average of C or above in all courses, and graduate students to achieve an average of B or above in all courses to graduate. If most of your classes are below average, you're in danger. What I need to remind all students is that the passing line for American universities is not 60 points, so you must not think that passing 60 points means victory.


The U.K.

British international students need school grades when applying for postgraduates. Most British universities’ school grades are generally only counted as sophomores and juniors, but when applying for postgraduates, they will look at freshman grades. Therefore, the usual academic performance is closely related to GPA. It is very important to pay attention to GPA. The most important thing in the UK is to tell students what grades they graduated when they graduate. This is the most critical for job hunting and graduate application. About 11% of British graduates can graduate with first-class results, and the percentage of first-class results is more than 70%, which is equivalent to a GPA3.8-4.0 in the United States, which is equivalent to the average score of 85 or more in the domestic 985 and 211.



Australia's requirements for GPA are relatively lenient, because Australia's academic year is the same as that of the UK, and the undergraduate course is three years, so most students will choose to apply for postgraduate studies, which is the same as the UK-mentioned above. The most important thing is the usual grades of the students, and GPA represents the usual academic grades. So I can often hear students say, how much is my GPA, I need to apply for some elective courses to drag my GPA up.


It can be seen that GPA is very important for international students. If you have any academic performance needs, you can click GPA Expert, and we will help you.


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