23115-Economics for Business - writing, essay, case study, short answer, business, final, assessment

 It focuses on consumer and firm behaviour in competitive markets, the impact of government policy and different market structures on market outcomes, and other economic concepts used in business analysis and decision-making. The course also introduces students to the issues of aggregate economic fluctuations, inflation, and the structure of economic relations among nations. The purpose of this course in business economics is to equip students with the analytical skills to study the impact of these economic forces on business conditions.

23115 There are two main assignment assessment tasks for this course:

Portfolio: Assignment 1 includes personal problem sets and news analysis. An online problem set is a set of questions that students are asked to answer periodically to understand key concepts and theories. There are a total of 6 problem sets, and the 4 with the best scores are selected as the evaluation score; the other is to analyze two news articles, one is that the news analysis focuses on microeconomic issues, and the other focuses on macroeconomic issues. Two articles accounted for 20% of the total.

Final: The final exam accounts for 60%, including multiple choice questions, numerical and graphic questions, and short answer questions. The exam assesses students' theoretical skills and knowledge of economics and their ability to relate them to practical applications. The final exam will cover all lecture and tutorial content, completed during the exam.

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