COM306 Specialist Communication Sample

COM306 Specialist Communication, expert communication. This course consists of 4 assessments, the first is a critical analysis of 2000 words, the second is an individual assignment divided into two parts, the third is classroom participation and activities, and the last is a take-home test.


Assignment 1 of COM306 is a 2000-word critical analysis identifying public awareness or public education campaigns aimed at changing the attitudes, behaviours, and actions of members of the public. The campaign may be related to health (e.g. anti-obesity, anti-smoking, immunization), road safety or science (environmental: e.g. littering, saving water). Once you have selected the campaigns you want to focus on, choose up to three campaign media texts to analyze (e.g. billboards, TV commercials, radio commercials, print ads, internet ads). The format requirement is to use Chicago citations and at least 5 peer-reviewed journal articles as references. This evaluation item accounts for 25%, and the due date is after topic 3. The above is the general content of Assignment 1. For details, refer to GPA Expert.

  Assignment 2 of COM306 is divided into two parts 2A and 2B. The main content is that you will be presented with one or more current public issues and asked to develop a set of communication proposals, including a creative artefact for an identified organisation. Your creative artifact will be designed to assist an organization of your choice - a public issue to spread a specific message. You will then present your work and a summary of your ideas to the class in 5 minutes. You can select artifacts produced for related organizations. Specific information on questions and assignment requirements will be discussed in detail in class and on the unit website. For your proposal summary and reflection, you must provide a detailed analysis and refer to academic and other source material. The abstract section is approximately 1000 words. In addition, you will also need to write a reflection on the process of creating your work, including research questions and similar activity texts, as well as get feedback from your class. The reflection part should be around 500 words. It accounts for 40% of the total, and the due date is topic 7/8.

Assignment 3 of COM306 is classroom participation. This time it accounts for a total of 5%, and the due date is in the seminar for the whole semester. The final assignment is a take-home test, a home test you will take once regular classes are over. The exam will consist of 6 questions drawn from the entire unit. You will have one working day to complete your answer, accounting for 30%, and the due date is during the exam. If you don't understand anything, you can choose a professional teacher to explain COM306 here.

The average guidance score of COM306 is 87 points. The personal analysis assignments can learn the key points of the score. There are also precautions and explanations for the take-home test. It is recommended that students who have no foundation can consult in detail



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