The classroom format and inspection format of Australian universities

Now more and more students are considering going to Australia to study after the college entrance examination or during university, but they are used to the traditional teaching mode in China, whether the students who are new to Australian universities can adapt to their teaching style. Next, I would like to introduce the teaching mode in the classroom of Australian universities and the way of communication after class to the students who are determined to study in Australia or who are planning to apply to study in Australia.

Classes in Australian universities generally have several forms: Lectures, Tutorials, labs, and workshops.

   Lecture lectures are similar to the large lectures in lecture halls in domestic universities. They are mainly lectures. The form is that the instructor of this course imparts the key points of knowledge to students, so professors usually put the ppt or other documents in class on the Internet for students to download and use. There is no roll call when attending lectures, but some schools will also record names for individual lectures as attendance records.

   Tutorial tutoring class is a class for discussing, asking questions and practising the content learned in Lecture. The Lecture of each course has a corresponding Tutorial course. The tutorial is generally taught in small classes. The tutor or several tutors of the course lead ten to twenty students to deeply digest the knowledge learned in Lecture, mainly to answer questions for students. Students are required to speak actively and participate in discussions.

The lab is an experimental class/operation class. Students who study science, biomedicine, nursing and other courses that require practical operation often need to participate in Lab courses. Of course, Lab is not only a laboratory but also has computer operation courses such as Computer Lab. This kind of classroom mode mainly allows students to do the hands-on operation, and the number of people attending the class is similar to that of the Tutorial.

Workshop practice class. If you are studying a major that is more practical, there will be classes like workshops, such as engineering, education, computer, architectural design, art design, etc. The workshop is usually to learn auxiliary software and conduct an experiment in the school's laboratory. The number of participants in this class is usually small, and there is no fixed class time. Students generally complete a task according to their needs or in groups.

The assessment form of the course is also different from that in China. The assessment mode of Australian universities has the following methods:

An essay refers to "topic composition" and "thesis", which examines students' critical thinking ability and expression abilities.

The report is an article that supports original arguments with text, data, tables, and references.

Quiz, a small quiz in class, a test conducted by the teacher to understand the learning situation of the students, the number of questions is small, and most of them are in the form of multiple choice questions or short answer questions.

Presentation, speech, divided into individuals and groups, to show teachers and classmates what they are responsible for through oral expression

The exam is divided into Mid-test and a Final. The mid-term exam and the final exam account for the highest proportion. They are a systematic inspection of the entire course.


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