MAE203 The Global Economy

MAE203 is a compulsory course in Deakin economics, this course focuses on studying the Australian economic system in the world economy, and identifying and evaluating current macroeconomic issues and policies. There are 2 assignments and an exam in this course.

Homework 1 of MAE203 is 3 quizzes on different dates. Each quiz includes about 25 multiple-choice questions. The questions are relatively simple. Each quiz is worth 5 points, a total of 15 points. The 3 quizzes examine topics 1-3 and topic4-7 respectively. For the content of topics 8-10, the teacher will generally give some practice quizzes in advance, you can read them in advance.

Homework 2 is a written assignment worth 25 points, and you need to answer three questions given.

The first question is mainly about the inflation rate (annual percentage of consumer prices), unemployment rate (the total percentage of the total labour force, national estimates), and per capita GDP. You need to use an Excel table to create all the given in a chart GDP per capita line graph for countries. Calculate the annual growth rate of real GDP per capita for each country, explaining whether there is any evidence of catch-up in these countries. For a given country, analyze three reasons why its growth rate and GDP per capita may have been relatively low.

The second problem is to use the total expenditure function and the 45-degree line chart to analyze the problem.

The third issue is to analyze the inflation pressure situation using the static aggregate demand and aggregate supply (AD-AS) model. Explain appropriate monetary policy action and use the static AD-AS model to illustrate the impact of this policy stance on the medium-run equilibrium of the economy.

Homework 3 is the final exam, which accounts for 60 points. There is a hurdle in the exam. Students need to get at least 40% of the score to pass this course.



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