BUSM1530 Leadership and Management (2250) Course Introduction - assignments, case studies, assessments, writing, commissioning, reports, articles

BUSM1530 Leadership and Management (2250) is designed to develop the understanding and skills to deal with the complexities of being a managerial leader. The course covers leadership and management, with a particular emphasis on contemporary perspectives.

BUSM1530 has three jobs.

Evaluation task 1 of BUSM1530 is a group presentation. Tasks are 20-25 minutes long and account for 20% of the total value. This task is completed between weeks 7 and 11. Develop a group presentation, supported by PowerPoint or other professional tools, providing an explanation and evaluation of one of the journal articles listed in the topic of the week compared to similar journal articles you have found in it, as well as a review of the advice or information provided in the article discussion of its practical value.

Assessment Task 2 of BUSM1530 is a 2,300-word case study assignment. This task is worth 30% of the total grade. Its submission deadline is week 6. Note that the questions for the case study assignment focus on the concepts covered in topics 1 to 5. In this assignment, you demonstrate your ability to use the concepts and language introduced in the first five topics. This assignment requires the use of the Harvard Reference System. See guidelines for references and presentations in written reports and dissertations published by the Business School. Want to learn more? Please contact GPA Customer Service Center.

Assessment task 3 of BUSM1530 is the job or promotion interview report. This task weighs 50%. It has a word limit of 3300 and the submission deadline is week 12. You will be asked to answer six questions in writing in preparation for an upcoming job or promotion interview. The questions for Assessment Task 3 focus on the concepts covered in Topics 6 to 11. The purpose of this assignment is to use what you have learned in this course to prepare for a job or promotion interview. This assignment is based on the importance of gaining credibility within an organization by demonstrating your understanding of concepts and the use of the language of management leadership. Special Note: Your assignments must use the readings studied in this course. Explain not only what you would do, but also the evidence and rationale, adding to your credibility by clarifying why you do what you do.

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