BUSM4361 Visual Management for Business - RMIT

Visual Management for Business This course combines design theory and lean process techniques to develop a range of visual planning and monitoring tools. Some software will be used to develop analytical visualizations, including but not limited to Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Miro, and Adobe Acrobat. Lean process techniques will be used to analyze the current and future state of business activities. This will involve a range of business scenarios, including manufacturing, logistics, marketing, retail management and education. Design skills and lean process methodologies will be used to create and map solutions that can be displayed, understood and visually applied. The course is usually taught online and the main project consists of a simulated work-integrated learning (WIL) scenario.

A1 quiz 70min 24%

24 multiple-choice questions, 70 minutes in length, and an open-book exam.

A2 Report 26% About 1500 words

Create a one-page communication for the senior management team. Goals should refer to the SMART goal approach / a current process map - including information flow, physical flow and any control methods / identify changes to goals/problem identification, assessment and prioritization

A3 report about 2000 words 50%

The main contents of A3 include a clear description of the problem, and a map of the current process, indicating where waste may be identified. Select an area (defect or delivery) for improvement. Suggest areas for improvement and areas where waste can be reduced.

Show the changes in the process and create another flowchart showing how the proposed future state will work.

Prepare a plan for implementing your changes, including milestones for checkpoints. The template has been given, you need to follow the template, otherwise, the teacher will not give you points!


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