ECON1275 Prices and Markets-Tests, case studies, assessments, test taking, economics, tutoring

Prices and Markets This course will enhance students' understanding of microeconomics both theoretically and practically, and equip students with the language and skills to identify, define and analyze markets and firms in a modern business environment. Students will learn to think systematically about market interactions and the roles of producers and consumers in a modern economy. Students will be introduced to the benefits and limitations of government intervention.

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand and critically evaluate contemporary microeconomic and public policy issues at a theoretical level. At the same time, students will be able to understand the practical relevance of these issues to the real world.

A1 quiz 45min 10%

There are 10 multiple-choice questions, and the duration is 45 minutes. When entering, the teacher needs to give a code.

A2.1 Report 20% 1000 words or so

There are a total of three case topics, and each topic needs to be analyzed and answered. Charts are required, the number of words is about 1,000 words, and a cover is required.

A2.2 report about 1000 words 20%

A set of questions on market failure and government intervention, indirect taxes and resilience needs to be completed. Two case topics are given, and each topic needs to be analyzed and answered. Charts are required, and the number of words is about 1000 words, and a cover is required.

A3 final 50%

The duration is 2 hours, and the topic type is a case study. About 1500 words of analysis and 1-2 charts need to be completed

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