MMM315 Business Management Capstone - Assessment, assignments, writing, essays, presentations, case studies, plans, reflections

MMM315 Business Management Capstone This course mainly studies the relevant content of business management.

Assignment 1 is to demonstrate your understanding of the complex nature of business management. It is divided into two parts. The first part is a report, and the second part is a presentation. The entire assignment will be completed in a group of 4 people.

First, the first part is to complete a 4,000-word stakeholder report based on the given WRSX case. Before writing the report, the team was required to analyze the results of the three board meetings held during the business management simulation over three weeks (similar to an audit or post-board meeting reflection) and then write an expert opinion on the behaviour and outcomes of the three board meetings, insights, reflections, criticisms, learning, awareness and suggestions. At each board meeting, the WRSX Board is required to select 4 out of 6 agenda items for decision-making. For each agenda item selected, the Council must decide on the best course of action (from the given 4 courses of action or the choice of how to deal with the selected agenda item). At each meeting, the Board's decisions or results on four agenda items are presented in financial and non-financial reports.

The second part builds on the stakeholders from the first part, with the reporting group giving a 5-minute presentation each, sharing the decisions and outcomes of the board meeting.

Assignment 2 proposes to develop an action plan for the company based on Assignment 1. The assignment consists of two parts: 1. Recommendations for WRSX's next steps, identifying and discussing in detail the 5-point proposed plan for WRSX going forward; 2. Improving presentation and demonstration skills

Assignment 3 is to reflect on what has been learned throughout the course, researching potential jobs for business graduates and using skills, experience and results from simulation activities as evidence to address the key selection criteria noted in these jobs. This assignment includes several parts: graduate job application, cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn. You need to register a LinkedIn account and complete the basic information. In addition, it should be noted that the assignment needs to be submitted to at least 10 contacts on LinkedIn. Screenshots, it is best to register in advance and add some contacts, so as not to operate at a time when the due is approaching, which will affect the submission of assignments. Be sure to pass the screenshots of the contacts later.


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