1A03: Introduction to Linguistics: Voice, Speech, and Hearing.

The course is a blended course that includes reading, observation, and learning to complete learning activities in your own time (after-class exercises) throughout the semester. Therefore, this course needs to spend some time after class. For more information about the course, please contact customer service GPA.

   There are 4 assignments in this course. The weekly task list can be found in the school’s weekly course introduction. The first assignment is a weekly assignment. There are seven weeks of tests to be completed, and one will be open 24 hours a week. The quiz and an exercise, the exercise is open for five days, you need to answer the questions left by the teacher every week, five questions a week, as long as you can answer the questions, the number of words is not limited, and the final score will be from the results of these 7 weeks Select the five times with the highest scores. I hope everyone can take the homework seriously every week. If you want to know the real questions of previous years, please contact customer service GPA Expert.

   The second assignment is a personal, Project essay, written project including problem-solving, language analysis, application to real-life problems, and discussion problems.

The third assignment is the Final test. The final road test is similar to the quiz and accounts for 20% of the overall course grade, but requires more time to answer a wider variety of questions. In addition to multiple choice questions like in quizzes, there are also short answer and fill-in-the-blank questions. For the timed sections of the exam, you must complete each section before starting the next, and you can also take breaks between each section as long as you complete all sections within the time window of the test. Just like the quiz, sas adaptation time is automatically added to the test section. We have collected the real exam questions and answers from previous years. To pass this course smoothly, you can contact us at any time for consultation.

The fourth assignment is a take-home final exam that includes data analysis, problem-solving, and other written responses. More details will be announced in the penultimate week. When you are doing the take-home final exam, you need to complete it independently, abide by academic integrity, and submit it on time. The exam part does not support special applications and make-up exams, so please remember.


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