Several Misunderstandings in Applying for Study Abroad

Now more and more people choose to study in Australia, and the application for study abroad is the most important step to entering the Australian campus. But now all kinds of false information on the Internet have brought a lot of influence on the students' way of studying abroad. Here is a list of some common misunderstandings in the application for studying abroad, hoping to help the students in their application.

1. If you want to study in Australia, you must go to the "Australian University of Eight"

    Everyone knows that the application threshold for studying abroad in Australia is low, and the online GPA is generally seen, so many students said that they would not go to the top eight universities. The eight universities in Australia do have outstanding features, but not all of them are better than the schools that are not in the eight universities. Students still need to consider a variety of factors when applying for schools, such as personal ability, major, region, and cost factors. Moreover, Australian schools implement a policy of wide entry and strict exit. Even if you successfully apply for admission, you must still meet the school's requirements in terms of academic scores and language proficiency to successfully obtain a diploma.

2. I want to immigrate, so I only choose popular majors.

Many students have the idea of immigrating, and studying abroad is the first step in immigrating, so they only pay attention to those popular immigration majors when choosing a major, completely ignoring their personal preferences and abilities, which often brings a lot of pressure to their studying abroad life. There are hundreds of occupational categories in the professional list of skilled immigrants in Australia. Therefore, when choosing a major, students must combine their future career plans with their interests and hobbies, and try to find a major that can meet the needs of immigrants and match their abilities and hobbies.

3. After completing the language test, you can start applying for schools.

Many students start preparing for IELTS and other language tests after planning to study abroad. They want to get the score of the ideal school before applying. However, Australian universities implement rolling admissions, that is, the deadline is closed when the enrollment is full, so you may miss it. Time, delayed application. You can apply for studying in Australia without submitting language scores first, and it is also possible to make up language scores after getting a conditional admission letter.

4. After applying, you will be done.

After applying, students must pay attention to checking emails from the school, spam and junk folders, and the website of the school to which they are applying. Because after the application is submitted, the school may contact the student about missing documents or other information, and the contact is usually in the form of an email. If you do not reply within the stipulated time, your application will likely be withdrawn and you will miss the opportunity to get an offer. Of course, after getting the offer, the visa may also be refused. Therefore, factors such as the student visa application, guarantee deposit, and the applicant's purpose of going abroad must be carefully confirmed before going abroad.


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