Analysis of the main points of the Professional Research and Analysis course

Purpose of Applied Business Studies:

1. Understand the needs of businesses and society for professional/applied research.

2. Distinguish between professional and academic research

3. Understand the structural process of professional research to assist in the development of research proposals.

4. Identify key considerations for the professional study planning phase

1. Research

Research is a process of inquiry conducted through systematic and methodologically organized efforts to investigate specific problems that need to be addressed.

Research is the use of the scientific method to find the truth about phenomena.

Business research is defined as the systematic and objective process of producing information that informs business decision-making.

2. Scientific Method of Research

Science is the set of methods used to gather information about phenomena in a particular area of interest and to build a solid knowledge base about those phenomena.

This knowledge is acquired through research, which involves identifying the phenomenon to be studied, formulating hypotheses, conducting research to collect data, analyzing data, and disseminating the results.

Science also includes developing theories to help better describe, explain, and organize the collected scientific information.

3. Scientific Research

Focus on solving the problem.

Take a step-by-step, organized, and rigorous approach to identifying problems, collecting data, analyzing data, and drawing valid conclusions.

Provides a coherent and logical path to reliable results.

Not just based on intuition, experience, and intuition, and but purposeful and rigorous



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